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Sanja Finister
BRE LIC #01745960
Senior Agent/Senior Short Sale Negotiator, Regal Realty

I started practicing Real Estate in 2004 and since then, I’ve been a passionate, dedicated, and market savvy professional who puts her clients’ satisfaction before all else. My attention to detail, superior people skills, integrity, sheer determination and broad knowledge of the Real Estate industry as a whole allows me to provide my clients with the highest level of service. My emphasis in (read more about Sanja).

Jorge Alberto Gonzalez
BRE LIC #01415199
Broker, Regal Realty

Since my early days in Real Estate, I have successfully closed hundreds of residential and multifamily transactions in San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties. My belief in trust, guidance, and integrity, along with my commitment to clients throughout their home buying and selling experience, has helped me ensure my success. Understanding and fulfilling client's needs is my top priority which in turn, helps me provide each client with the opportunity to make sound financial decisions based upon a customized marketing strategy, focused on their specific expectations applying the latest market trend... (read more about Jorge)



Scott Hamm
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Regal Realty


18 Years in the Front Lines of Real Estate:

Dear Friends, selling property isn’t easy. It should be a pleasant, informative experience, but it’s too often filled with anxiety and confusion. It should be a civilized transition, the passing of a home from one person(s) to another with all of the hopes, dreams and love embodied in that change.

I was born and raised in San Diego and have been an active, licensed real estate agent in San Diego for 18 years. In other words, I’ve seen it all and then some in the annals of local real estate.

My style is “we,” not “me,” which is why I love this work. My job involves helping you to buy and/or sell a home in a relaxed, thoughtful manner. By keeping you well informed throughout the process so that there are no surprises, we establish trust between us. Saying goodbye to your home, or buying a new one are rites of passage that call for a skilled professional with a heart. Please let me be that person for you.

Some view real estate agents in low regard. Tough cookies who are in it to win it, meaning get the commission and run. That’s not how I was raised, nor is it how I run my business. Buying and selling real estate is fraught with emotions, worry and those famous hopes and dreams. That’s where a sensitive agent, who treats clients with compassion and regard, knows the value of a little humor, and is candid and helpful, can make the difference between a bad or mediocre experience and a genuinely positive one.

No pressure, no incessant sales pitch, no impatience. If you think we might make a good match please let me know. Hope to hear from you soon.

Please call me at 619-987-7937, or email and let’s get that “we” relationship going so that we make your real estate transaction not only successful, but happy.


Troy A. Sauvageau, M.S.Ed., Ed.S.
BRE LIC #01332375
Senior Agent, Regal Realty

It's all about the journey but we need to celebrate when we arrive at the destination.  I jumped into the real estate world in 2002 and haven't looked back.  The journey has taken me through hundreds of transactions that has provided me the experience, knowledge, and grit that is needed to remain successful in this career. 

I grew up in Fargo, ND and was raised by the most humble, loving, and hard-working parents that showed me a work-ethic that has been carried forward.  My "never quit" attitude will be the cornerstone of every transaction with every client.  

Serving my clients is my passion and I'm relentless in my pursuit to deliver the very best, in the most efficient manner, and with the least emotional drain.  I lead from the front but walk by your side throughout the entire process.  

North San Diego County is my primary area of focus; however, our team covers all of San Diego.  Whether you are looking for a single family home, condo, townhome, or multi-family investment property, I am here for all of your needs.  You can reach me via phone, text, or email.   Manifest your Dreams!  (read more about Troy). 



Sue Sherry

BRE LIC #01291317
Senior Agent, Regal Realty
Love San Diego? Me too! Allow me to invite you to sell or buy a home with a professional, straight forward and hard working real estate agent with more then 15 years experience through out beautiful San Diego County. I feel fortunate and grateful to live in America's finest city and would be honored to work with you buying or selling your first home, dream home or an investment property. I specialize in North County Coastal San Diego Properties.Sue Sherry AKA "Agent Sue" specializes in Boutique and Concierge Real Estate Services in North County Coastal San Diego.